30th Anniversary Masterpiece Show!

Celebrating 30 years at the Lloyd Gallery.  The art is on display at the Lloyd Gallery, 18 Front Street Penticton. 
This exhibition was on display from Thursday, July 23 - August 15, 2015.   Some of the pieces in the show are still available.
To purchase, please call us at 1-250-492-4484 or art@lloydgallery.com



Laila Campbell      

Connor Charlesworth        

Rod Charlesworth

Glenn Clark    

Kelly Corbett  

Jan Crawford      

Serge Dube    

Les Dunlop        

Val Eibner        
Shannon Ford        

Julia Hargreaves        

Frances Harris    

Anne-Marie Harvey  

Erica Hawkes  

Beverly Inkster  

Robyn Lake  

Min Ma    
Julie Mai      
Ingrid Mann-Willis        
Viv McElgunn-Lieskovsky

Angie Roth McIntosh    

Greg Metz      

Debbie Milner      
Diane Paton Peel        
John Revill            
Bonny Roberts
Anita Skinner        
William Watt      
Marla Wilson      
Nel Witteman  
Robert Wood    

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