Erica Hawkes - Skies the Limit

June 1-15, 2017:  Erica Hawkes Solo Exhibition
 Official opening reception:  Thurs. June 1, 6:30-9pm
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Solo Exhibition of New Work by ERICA HAWKES

The Lloyd Gallery is proud and honoured to present artist Erica Hawkes first Solo Exhibition: SKIES THE LIMIT, a collection of 20 new contemporary Canadian landscape paintings by Erica Hawkes.

The Okanagan Valley BC has been awash with rainstorms this spring.  With these storms come unbelievably beautiful cloud formations and illuminating sunbeams, compelling artist Erica Hawkes to grab her brushes and paint the clouds.  Not that Erica needs any compelling, of course.  Erica currently paints for nine galleries across Canada, from Vancouver Island to Ottawa, Ontario.  She wakes up each morning to paint because she loves it from the very core of her existence.  She feels honoured to get up each day and do what she loves most.

Erica Hawkes is a Canadian Contemporary landscape artist happy to be living in the beautiful Okanagan valley with a very supportive husband, two wonderful children and a cute little dog.

When asked what one needs to be to become a gallery artist, a few things come to mind.  Erica has some great advice: “Never give up.  If this is what you want to do more than anything, keep at it.  Practice, and done procrastinate, or be a ‘flaky’ artist.  Keep your word and deadlines.  If a gallery says No, do not take it for a Never.  Put your heart into it.  If you don’t love what you have created, do not try to sell it.  Lastly, find your own voice.  For me, this came after years of practice and study.”

Over the years Erica has been most inspired by the Art Nouveau movement of the turn of the century and the curved decorative lines inspired by natural forms and structures, as well as Japanese minimalism.  She labels her own unique style “Nouveau 7”.  Erica declares that many artists have helped her become the artist she is today, and without their dedication to their art, she feels she would not have learned what great art should look like, and gives credit to her many sources such as the Canadian Group of Seven.  A few of Erica’s favourites of the Group of Seven include AJ Casson, Franklin Carmichael and Lawren Harris. 

As an artist, Erica strives to paint the varied Canadian landscape.  She dreams of taking a slow road trip across Canada in the near future and visit many of the sights the Group of Seven painted.  Erica’s current series focus on a variety of tree silhouettes in evening (sunset) landscapes.  Trees are so varied and unique, she feels it will take a lifetime to get to know them all.

Future series to look out for include the vast fields of the Canadian prairies with their tremendous skies as well as the Canadian coastal waters and their tenacious, windswept trees, and even abstracting the landscape down to pure abstract line and colour.  Working in oils may be on the horizon as well; as Erica is enticed by revisiting the medium of her first encounter with painting lessons at age thirteen.  Erica is gathering images of her favourite works to include them in a future book. 

“Ultimately, I want to leave behind art that becomes a family favourite; paintings that grow in value over time and that are so well loved by their owners.  I hope my paintings give people a sense of joy and peace.” 

Erica Hawkes

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