Robyn Lake - Radiant Land
June 29 - July 13 at The Lloyd Gallery. Opening Reception Thu June 29, 6:30-9pm

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Robyn Lake was born in Cairns, Australia and came to Canada in 1976. She has lived in the Okanagan since 1991. Robyn has made a reputation for her paintings of the local landscape, enticing the viewer with their warmth and intimacy.

Robyn loves to paint outside, varying her subject matter from intimate, close up views of flowers and fruit, to panoramic views of the landscape. Her luscious and stimulating paintings reflect her intense love of the land, and the vibrant colours express her emotional response to her subject matter:

"I was born in the tropics, where all the colours in the landscape are so intense and I wonder if this hasn’t always remained with me.  I admire the Okanagan's luscious sun-lit grape vines and the late summer yellow foreground grasses in contrast with the dry desert hills in the distance.  More than that though, when I observe the landscape, I feel a deep sense of gratitude and joy, and the brilliant colours I use are an expression of this; I want people to feel a sense of this when they look at my work. 

There’s a flow of energy through the land and when I’m out there en plein air, I become part of it, especially when I’m painting or gardening (my other passion). I love to paint outside in the landscape with the wind and the clouds and sun teasing me. The constantly changing shadows challenge me to capture not all but only one particular moment in time and space and stay fixated on that moment.  Regardless of whether I'm outside or in the studio, I become completely involved in the process of painting, and only think about what I am doing right then: composing the picture, simplifying things to say what I want to say in the simplest manner, using value, warm and cool colour temperatures, and intuitive colour choices that reflect what I feel about what is in front of me."  

About Radiant Land: "This 2017 spring series, especially the largest paintings, have been primarily painted in the studio modeled after smaller plein air oil sketches due to the Okanagan's wet cool spring weather.  Most of the smaller works have been painted en plein air as soon and whenever the weather permitted.  Painting en plein air, amidst the smell of the sagebrush and rabbitbrush, wind and sun is where I love to be...with wildlife rustling all around me (even a 5 ft long bull snake joined me recently, looking at me as if well can I have my spot back and are you finally done now?!)"

Radiant Land

Robyn Lake

When I was pondering on a title for my show,

I took some time to think about what the Landscape here

means to me.

"Radiant"means sending out light, shining or glowing brightly:

It sums up perfectly the way I see the land here.

I have lived in Canada for 40 years and have spent the majority of that

time here in the Okanagan. I love Canada and am proud to be part of this

wonderful country.

The paintings in this show reflect the love I feel for this land.

Today I listened to a song by a canadian folk musician,

Leeroy Stagger. He wrote a song titled "Radiant Land", which also

happens to be the title for his album of the same name.

The lyrics are beautiful and touched my soul. He asks "Would you stand

tall and fight for this radiant land?"