Colours of Joy

Robyn Lake and Anne-Marie Harvey's latest series celebrating the colours of joy was on display at the
Naramata Heritage Inn during the summer of 2016
3625 1st street Naramata

Prices and sizes vary from 8x10" to 60x60". To purchase or inquire price please call us at 1-250-492-4484 or

Robyn Lake


Anne-Marie Harvey

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Artist Statements:
Robyn Lake:  I have always felt joyful when I paint, regardless of subject matter, but especially the Okanagan landscape around me, and I express that with colour.  This is what I want to bring to the world with my art.  When people view my paintings I want them to feel the joy too.  The Colours of Joy is the title Anne-Marie and I gave to this recent group of paintings inspired by the world around us,  it's the way we see it.

 Painting is my way of connecting with the world around me. Light, colour and movement are my inspiration. I am particularly intrigued with the randomness of Mother Nature, and seek to express her joy and freedom in my paintings. Although I have played with many mediums and techniques, big brushes and interesting brush strokes seem to be my best tools so far.