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Beverly Inkster



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About The Artist

I grew up in the country on a farm along the road leading to Silver Star Mountain, just outside of Vernon, B.C. At my door step were creeks, ponds, acres of trees, and endless territory to explore. The rural lifestyle offered me an opportunity to develop a deep connection to nature. I loved to walk and feel the energetic pulse of my surroundings: the sound of brooks, the scent of flowers, the buzzing of bees. Many long hours were spent drawing, writing poetry, composing songs, singing, and just laying in the grass dreaming. I loved nature. A bumble bee landing on wild roses or thousands of daisies moving and swaying in the gentle breeze thrilled me then and still does.

Now that my six children are grown I am once again able to express through art my observations and thoughts and love of the beautiful land in which I am fortunate to live. I also enjoy introducing animation into buildings and uniting them with the vitality of nature surrounding them. To do this I combine colour and curvature in a whimsical blend representing movement and life. I hope that those who experience my art will derive as much pleasure from it as I have in creating it.