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Greg Metz


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About The Artist

"Nothing excites me more than using my imagination. To dream a sculpture, draw it and then form it into a work that will make people smile is a wonderful feeling."

Greg is a B.C. artist who loves to build in his new Studio/Gallery in West Kelowna. He has worked in industrial fabrication and management, with a varied background including shipbuilding, heavy duty equipment design and fabrication. He has also designed, built, and marketed numerous custom residential homes.

Known for his stylized, innovative, and often humorous steel sculptures, Greg's one-of-a-kind three-dimensional works are a unique addition to any art collection. Polished figures in flowing lines, dynamic curves, and contemporary subject matter, his sculptures range from elegant, to jazzy to dreamscapes.

Each sculpture is hand-cut with an oxy-acetylene torch, which is also used to heat, curve and colour his flowing works. His small hand grinder is his paintbrush. It is used to grind 'brushstrokes' into the steel. Each piece is hand-cut from steel, usually 1/8" thick. All 'colors' are created using heat only. This is a technique Greg has developed and he is a master in its application. His hand grinder combined with this technique is his paintbrush. It is used to grind 'brushstrokes' into the steel. Each sculpture's final coating is a high quality lacquer. As with many works of art, it is not recommended to expose the work to direct sunlight. The sculptures should be cleaned with a slightly damp, very fine cloth, or dusted with a feather duster (Winde or other cleaners are not recommended.) It is also recommended to be cautious with rings and jewelry when handling these pieces. Unless specified, Greg's pieces are interior pieces only.

Greg loves to draw, and this enables him to 'see' his works before he starts building them. His musical background often surfaces in his work, from actual musicians to the flowing lines he feels are suggested by music.

Greg's original works and commissions are featured in collections around the world. His work is shown in several Galleries across Canada. He has appeared in 'The Bienniel Guide to Canadian Artists'. This 'Man of Steel' really enjoys his work. " I find myself smiling as I see each 'dream' materialize in my hands. It feels like magic."