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Shannon Ford

Solo Exhibition 2017


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About The Artist

Shannon Ford is an interdisciplinary artist, teacher, speaker and coach. She attended The Alberta College of Art, studying fine art, design, printmaking, sculpture and received her diploma in Metalsmithing in 1982. 20 years later, she chose to once again attend the Alberta College of Art and Design to receive her BFA. Shannon has spoken at schools and to both private and corporate groups. For a period of 5 years, she was provided a private display at the Tyrell Museum of Paleontology for her sculpture collection.

Shannon has received numerous awards and commissions, and her work resides in private and corporate collections around the world. Shannon Ford's painting and sculpture evokes the viewer to participate, to come forth and explore this dimension, which is at once distinct and innovative. An advocate of the importance of focused creativity in achieving one's potential, the artist expresses the depth of her vision into another horizon of visual sensibility, spirituality and emotion.

Shannon Ford has a strong admiration for and connection with her equine subjects. She is also an avid admirer and interpreter of the connection between human and all animals. She paints animals she has spent some time with so as to best honour his or her individuality and charisma. Shannon's collectors are particularly fond of her use of local minerals and semi-precious gemstone powders such as pipestone, malachite,lapis lazuli, pyrite, sapphires, diamond dust, 24 karat gold leaf, among others, enhancing the brilliance and energy of the paintings.