Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas

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As a full-time plein air landscape painter, my work evolves through painting from a heightened state of awareness which allows me to intuitively capture my surroundings.

After 12 years as an Art Director I quit to become a full-time painter in 2014. My plein air paintings are started and completed entirely on site, without reliance on photographs. I paint in oil, which allows me to balance pictorial clarity with subtle tonal contrasts. I let the phenomena of light - shadows, reflections, cast color, - shape my depiction of color and value.

In each of my paintings, I strive to capture the energy from a particular moment in a fresh way. I work thin and loosely in the beginning, but then begin to thicken the paint as I refine the scene. I apply each brush stroke with confidence, spontaneity and intention while remaining open to the unexpected. My technique is to use as few strokes as possible, allowing me to be specific and purposeful with my mark making. My goal is to simplify the complexities of a scene to create my impressions of nature as I work to interpret reality rather than to re-create it. My desire is to create paintings of the wilderness that evoke the same response as viewers have to the Group of Seven.

Mark is an active member of the Canadian Federation of Artists and is currently the artist in residence at Covert Farms in Oliver, BC. 




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