Diane Paton Peel

Diane Paton Peel

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I enjoy oil paint because it does not dry very fast, allowing the blending of paint edges and fluidity of brush stokes. It also allows a sculptural effect with the use of undiluted paint.
I prefer wilderness scenes for subject matter, or any old buildings with character.  The majestic mountains in the early morning or late evening light are a favorite.
The vineyards in the Okanagan are an enjoyable challenge, especially in the fall when some turn bright red. The Vaseaux Lake area is my favorite.
I have been gathering subject matter by back packing around the Stehekin Valley and as far as Lyman Lake and Image Lake, WA as well as around the Yukon, Canada. The wildlife and wildflowers I encounter along the trail are also included in some scenes. I use a portable painting kit in order to paint in remote places. It is a half size French easel packed with small oil paint tubes, 11”x14” canvas, in a back packing case.
For the past 40 years my paintings are a celebration of Nature and I strive to portray beauty on each canvas.

Diane has been shown in many exhibitions since 1978, including a display of works at the Yukon Pavillion in Vancouver during EXPO '86, and since 1993 she has shown regularly at the Calgary Stampede. Her formal art training includes workshops with Lilias Farley, Diana van Loock, James Marshall, Alan Wylie and Steve Mills, as well as a course at the Banff School of Fine Art.



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