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Anne-Marie Harvey, SFCA

Solo Exhibition: Spirit of People and Place - June 18 to July 2, 2020  

“In my heart I am a storyteller disguised as a plein air painter. I am particularly drawn to people and their every-day interactions with Nature.  With the challenge of big brushes and the joy of many colours, I seek to capture the grandeur in the ordinary." - Anne-Marie Harvey, SFCA 

The Lloyd Gallery is proud to share with you these original paintings by Anne-Marie Harvey that celebrate the love she has for a place and the people that live there.  Anne-Marie Harvey often spends her summers on a fishing boat traveling up the BC Coast or on Savary Island, and the rest of the year in the Okanagan.  These are the stories she can tell with her paintbrush.  More of Anne-Marie's thoughts on particular works in this show below the images. Would you like to try out a piece on your wall? Connect with us to have something digitally hung on your own wall or to receive brushstroke detail images.  There is no official opening for this show but we encourage you to visit the gallery in person to view these works in the real world.  Follow this link to see more available paintings by Anne-Marie Harvey.

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About The Show

On Wind in the Willows, Waiting for the Tide, Oil on Canvas 48x48":  “My beautiful rowboat, Wind in the Willows, though small in stature, has a big heart. She is my beloved summer playmate at Savary Island near Desolation Sound. I am smitten with her stunning colour and her outstanding ability to navigate the Pacific waters.  I named her “Wind in the Willows” after a book by Kenneth Grahame, who wrote....“Believe me my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” 

Exuberance of Spring was painted from the deck of my studio on the Naramata Bench.  Mark Knopfler accompanied me on his guitar as I painted.  It was a fleeting moment in April when Winter finally lets go of its grip and Mother Nature hit the Spring button! It seemed as if the music was doing the painting and Spring was guiding the brush and I was standing by in mute appreciation of the entire unfolding. This painting captures every thing I felt in that moment. The warmth of the sun, the playful wind, Mark’s ascending music and me, invincible with my big brush, recording each precious moment of Spring becoming aware of her power and her beauty.

About the Artist

A self-taught artist, Anne-Marie Harvey spent her first 23 years as an artist exploring and painting in the wilds of northern British Columbia and the Yukon. She and her artist husband raised their three children in a land accessible only by bush plane. The dynamic landscape and transformational quality of light in the far north were her teachers.

Anne-Marie had been painting only a year when artist and mentor, Ruth Harvey, took her under her wing. With Ruth's support and knowledge of exhibiting art, Anne-Marie soon gained confidence that she could support herself with her paintings.

Over the years Anne-Marie gained recognition and financial success in the north. The Commonwealth Games Committee used her paintings as a benchmark for selecting art for the Yukon exhibit in the 1978 Games in Edmonton. Several of her northern oils are part of the permanent collection of the territorial government in Whitehorse.

In 1984, Anne-Marie left her beloved northern mountains for a new life on the west coast. Here she was introduced to watercolours, a whimsical medium which suited her soul. It offered her a suitable challenge, even more elusive than northern light! It took Anne-Marie several years to nurture a working relationship with this defiant and delightful medium. Out of mastery came success and security, along with dozens of shows, both solo and group. Watercolour led to acrylics which finally led to mixed media which seems to keep Anne-Marie entertained for the time being.

Anne-Marie's ability to paint people as well as landscapes won her success in the competition for cover artist and illustrator for the Advocate, the law magazine for B.C. and the Yukon. Each issue features a notable and interesting person in the field of law. With one short interview, Anne-Marie must create for the cover a light-hearted portrait which accurately captures the spirit of this person. This work earned for her a spot as finalist for best illustrator at the Western Magazine Awards in 2003.

Anne-Marie teaches part time for the Federation of Canadian Artists and various community art groups. Mostly she paints, working steadily towards expressing her great passion for simplicity and colour.

In 2006 Anne-Marie and her husband Chris purchased a piece of land on the Naramata Bench near Penticton. They put in some Riesling grapes and built a splendid home and a bright new studio for Anne-Marie. In September 2013 they moved into their dream home, where they create beauty, explore, make music, explore, drink wine and generally live happily ever after.