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Cheryl peddie

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About The Artist


I have a special love for painting neighbourhood scenes where people gather.  I feel that times when friends visit over a drink on a sunny patio, shop the sidewalk sale on Main Street, or stroll through a farmer’s market all deserve to be celebrated and savoured. It inspires me that these small moments can create our most important memories.  I paint these scenes plein air whenever I can, so I can use all my senses to depict the atmosphere of light and festivity.  I particularly enjoy painting in the Okanagan because of its unique quality of Its light and air.  The cool haze of the background valley, combined with the warmth and heat of sunlight create a vibrance across the whole spectrum of light.  There’s a glow here that is truly unique!


Cheryl works as a full-time artist based in Calgary, Alberta but has her urban scenes and landscapes in galleries in both BC and Alberta. She has been painting in oil for over 20 years, and enjoys creating paintings of the landscape, urban scenes, and interiors.

The primary inspiration behind all her work, be it urban settings or the natural landscape is the depiction of light. That, combined with the changes of seasons and changing sunlight allows her to tell a different story each time she paints. This diversity keeps her continually inspired and motivated to paint, as interesting light and shadow patterns are the foundation of good design. Cheryl was a graphic designer prior to moving full-time into making and teaching fine art, so she has had a lifelong interest in creating compelling designs.

In 2014, Cheryl began ‘plein air’ painting – painting outdoors from life. It opened the doors to a new way of seeing and living as an artist. You can find Cheryl painting outside year-round, in all sorts of weather. Cheryl feels that it brings depth to the subject matter when she spends time experiencing each location she paints. Even paintings created entirely in-studio begin with sketching and studies made outdoors. This connects her to her work more intimately than if she had just snapped a photo for a reference, then moved along. 

We hope you enjoy the way Cheryl experiences the beauty of the world through her eyes.