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Tim Hall

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Born in 1944, Tim Hall has had a love affair with painting and drawing since his childhood in New Zealand.  Other family members are also talented artists: both his mother and his sister paint.  Tim paints in oils.  His preferred style is realism.

“Painting to me is a celebration of the beauty of nature…  I use my skills to portray it as realistically as possible and apply my creative freedom to balance and emphasize where necessary...  I am particularly intrigued with wilderness scenery.”

Tim’s appreciation for  natural beauty has been enhanced by his profession as a land surveyor in Canada and New Zealand.  Surveying  has enabled him to travel and work in many magnificent areas where the innocence of nature remains.

Tim lived with his wife in the country near Princeton, B.C and has recently relocated to Penticton.  His paintings are  found in collections in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Australia & New Zealand.