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18 Front Street, Penticton BC, V2A 1H1


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About The Artist

Jane observing Jane…

For Jane, art in all its various forms, has been intrinsic in her approach to all aspects of life. The ability to perceive objects as the end point of some form of creative process inspired a lifetime of artistic endeavours. Although the traditional canvas is a dominant medium for Jane to relay an interpretation of what we all inhabit, Jane also uses other physical mediums to express and create beauty. Whether it is her extensive work in computer graphics, interior design, or garden design, producing an outcome that gives people pause greatly inspires Jane to find different depths to her art.

Although Jane’s art genre is dominant in all forms of abstract, there is a gravitation towards a form of geometric abstraction. The dominant use of shapes can be found in many of her pieces. This
could be a reflection or remnant of her upbringing in London, England and the exposure to period buildings and artworks.

Environments: Contemporary, traditional, or something in-between.