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About The Artist


Jared Loewen was born in Regina, Saskatchewan into a large family of seven. From a young age, he was always drawn to serenity provided from drawing cartoon characters in imaginary worlds. As a teenager, Jared spent most of his free time honing his skills as a cartoonist, realistic pencil artist, and eventually painter. Originally, he desired to be a hand-drawn classical animator for film and television. When computer animation began to increase in popularity, however, Jared steered his plans into a more desirable and traditional route. He enrolled at UBCO and majored in history with a minor in mathematics. Elements of Jared’s post-secondary education are seen in his work today. His appreciation for history, for example, is hidden in the conceptual meaning of his works, while math is seen more evidently in his use line, shape, and order. Jared went on to become an elementary school teacher which he continues to this day. 

On this series of hard-edge paintings: "Each painting is a physical representation of the ether in which everything resides and from which all forms come into existence, the Soul ingredients of the universe."

Jared is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner and has always been drawn to the elemental aspects of life - it’s origins, meaning, and destiny. His current body of work breaks down the human form into the fundamental expressions of line and shape. He uses these basic elemental forms to build, express, and contemplate the interplay between form and formlessness, the fabric of consciousness, and the origins of the human story. Today you can find his contemporary original works at The Lloyd Gallery in Penticton, BC.