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Gallery Assistant position


Updated January 2023: We are a friendly, family run 40 year old boutique gallery with a European salon hanging style featuring original art by local artists.  We have a very small staff so we all collaborate and work autonomously on tasks and can do each others jobs when needed. We learn to wear lots of hats to help our art collectors have an excellent viewing experience and our custom framing clients to know their treasures are in expert hands. We welcome you to the family team!

Art Gallery Assistant Duties & Responsibilities 

The duties of an art gallery assistant are varied, and include tasks such as the following: 

  • Answering phones and taking messages 
  • Helping maintain the gallery’s inventory and client database 
  • Providing professional service to the collectors and artists 
  • Keeping the front and workshop desks and gallery spaces tidy 
  • Greeting visitors and helping them with their questions 
  • Dealing with correspondence and emails, and other daily administrative duties 
  • Helping build the gallery's follower base with social media posts 
  • Gradually learning and building skills to competently custom picture frame artwork at museum quality standards.  

Art Gallery Assistant Salary 

An art gallery assistant salary varies based on the level of experience, geographical location, and other factors. 

  • Pay rate dependent on work experience level.  

Education, Training & Certification 

Art gallery assistants may be able to excel in the job without an advanced degree if they have prior, relevant experience. 

  • Education: Preference for the applicant to have a Bachelor’s degree in art or art history or business. However, proven work experience in retail sales, in lieu of a college degree can also be acceptable. 
  • Training: Many of the daily tasks are administrative in nature, and training typically takes place on the job. 

Art Gallery Assistant Skills & Competencies 

An art gallery assistant can do well in the position if they possess certain additional skills, such as the following: 

  • Organization skills: An art gallery assistant needs to be highly organized. 
  • Communication: A gallery assistant needs great interpersonal skills, and should be an excellent communicator with the ability to talk to a wide range of people. 
  • Project-oriented skills: The individual must be able to multitask, switching from custom framing projects to greeting and sales to administration as the need arises. Having a meticulous eye for tiny imperfections (good eyesight or great glasses helps!) is a bonus, as some projects can be challenging, and we place a high value on quality control.  Expertise in the custom picture framing industry is not a requirement, but an eagerness to slowly build your custom picture framing skills is a wonderful attitude to approach this job with.  
  • Social media skills: A gallery assistant needs to be savvy with social media and proficient with commonly used computer programs. 
  • Initiative-taking skills: Being able to work independently and to take the initiative with new projects is also key to this position. 

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Attention: Marjo Thompson