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18 Front Street, Penticton BC, V2A 1H1

Masterpieces - 2021 Group Exhibition

This Lloyd Gallery Group Exhibition, on display at Lloyd Gallery, 18 Front Street Penticton from NOVEMBER 18 to DECEMBER 2 features brand new original works of art by 26 of our artists, many finished just this week (or almost finished)!  Click an image to view details with price & click on background behind a slide to return to thumbnails of the whole show. The slideshow view is best enjoyed on a desktop computer using the keyboard arrow keys.  Email us for detail images or gallery shots of a piece, to take a closer look with higher resolution photos. To INQUIRE about a piece call (250) 492-4484 or EMAIL US.  Monthly payment plans with no interest or fees help make collecting art enjoyable and manageable for any budget--feel free to set up a plan that is right for you.  

This Lloyd Gallery Group Exhibition has been a joy to organize for you. Artists thrive when they are encouraged and reminded of how much they are appreciated. It is so often that we the staff in the gallery overhear lovely comments from art lovers about a particular piece, or a style, or a colour combination that moves them. Their oohs and aaahs make our days especially bright and yet while we get to enjoy this love of the art, the artists are often alone in their studio, in private conversation with their muse and the piece they are completing. Such stories of appreciation are like gold to them and a re-affirmation that this exact place in time and space is where they are supposed to be. Sometimes looming show deadlines can be annoying, but sometimes they are just what a muse and artist need to create Masterpieces. We hope you love what you see because these artists have put their whole hearts into their work.